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Organizing Drop-In Hockey Just Got EasierHockey Players Facing Off

TGO specializes in helping teams “self-administrate” with this easy sports schedule maker.

Online sports team management software is the proven method of getting the right number of players out for your drop-in sport. TGO understands that an empty seat on a hockey bench means there is less money to pay the bills. It’s free and it will make your online sports registration easy.

Finding a Drop-In Hockey Game that is a Good Fit

TGO sets itself apart from other sports administration tools in that you can put yourself on the spare list where other teams can check out your sports profile to see if you are a good fit to invite out.

Another list is where you can check out teams’ profiles to see if it is a good game for you. Find a game with TGO; check out our online sports team management website.

Drop In Hockey
Team Administrator?
  • Enjoy regular player attendance that is accurate
  • Have spares ready to go if spots open up, even on game day
  • Relax knowing you have the perfect number of players for each game
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New To The Area?
  • Register here and you will get notified when needed
  • Enjoy full time membership with new friends
  • Be a star and show up when teams are short-handed
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Need to Register as a
Team Player?
  • Register with TGO to set up your free account
  • Request to join your adult hockey team
  • Participate in the team communications
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