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Online Sports Team Management Software

The TGO sports team manager has been designed to meet the needs of organizers of many types of drop in sports but mostly hockey due to its cost. Typically the administrator needs to set out the logistics of the events, acquire participants and collect enough money to pay the bills. It is a thankless job we depend on someone taking on. We all know that a team often folds once the administrator moves on, usually because of poor attendance and losing money.

Online sports team management has put fewer onuses on the administrator to do it all and allowed for “self administration”. There is not that much to do if everyone does their part. With the TGO financial formula and full attendance you will have great games and never lose money. How would you like to have some extra money come season end?!

The Players:

  • Register with TGO to get your personal account and game calendar
  • Join a team: you can receive invitations from friends or interested organizers
  • Browse for events: watch the TGO Spare Board for a team looking for players
  • Update your attendance: easy updates by email and logging in
  • Recruit: this year’s spares are next year’s regulars, help grow the spare list!
  • Have fun: magically the game is organized with the right number of players
  • Be bold: create your own sports team. It’s easy, fun and rewarding.

The Sports Administrator:

  • Register with TGO to get your personal account and game calendar
  • Plan the Sports Event: location, fees, number of participants required…you know
  • Team or Group Profile: Create this in TGO detailing how you are organizing it
  • Events Calendar: create the for the season
  • Invite the participants, who will register and maintain their game calendar
  • Monitor your attendance, remind the team to recruit with game emails
  • TGO Spare List is another system resource to find players
  • Fee Collection is a coming feature, spares pay online before showing up
  • Communications: automated emails ask for game confirmations
  • Updates: a couple days before the game email the roster so all help fill spots
  • Update scores and write a commentary in the game blog
  • Patience: an administrator’s virtue as your players get used to something new
  • Enjoy your event, show up to an organized game and just play!

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