How to Get Set Up with Online Sports Registration

If you have come to this section you are likely an experienced sports administration. We greatly appreciate your interest in The Game Organizer and will do all we can to make these team management tools effective for you. Without an administrator, there is no game…

There are no costs for this service at this time. In the future there may be fees for some of the advanced features and services such as TGO Spare placement to fill your events. You are grandfathered in at this point!

Please be in communication with TGO for any questions you have. There are a lot of options for the administrator to suit your style. You can set up your schedule to be automatic, and if you prefer more direct communication with your members it is available as well.

In fact, email us right now!

You will begin the same way as a player or participant would by registering. Familiarize yourself in the player section, and once you have done so, create a test team to learn the options available. Once you have created a team, TGO will open a whole new section of management tools for you.

Year one is where you set things up and then year 2 and onward are pretty much done.

If you are in a hurry to get things started contact us immediately and we will assist you.

TGO was designed for the administrator so the team does not lose you!