Pick Up a Game in the Online Sports Team Organizer

This is the fun part of TGO if you would like to try out playing with another sports group in your area. Who knows what you might find! Perhaps there is a spot for a baseball game in the summer or on a paddling team in the fall. Keep an eye on the “Looking for Players List”.

You will see in your “Game Calendar” in the sidebar a selection for “Browse Teams” and “Browse Players”. Make sure to opt into these features when registering for your free account.

Being a self-administration player is vital to ensuring the right number of players attend a game. First, you will receive an automated email from TGO three days before the game. Simply click Accept or Decline. Make your selection with 90% certainty you are correct or just click “Maybe” and return to the email to make your game registration when you are certain. Late cancellations and no shows are game killers; self-administration makes you a team player to help ensure the right numbers are playing.

Secondly, the administrator may send an email with the attendance numbers a day or so before the game, if the numbers are short, recruit! Do your part to find a friend or go to another sports pickup site and make a post looking for players.

Having the right number of players out each game will pay the bills and make for a good game. Your team and league will be healthy and around for years to come. TGO is your sports team organizer and everyone on the team is a sports team manager.